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5 Big Reasons to Upgrade to Exacq v9.2. Exacq Technologies is pleased to announce the release of exacqVision version 9.2.

  • May 22, 2018
  • Vendor News

Exacq Technologies is pleased to announce the release of exacqVision version 9.2.

For those clients currently covered under a software support agreement, simply emailservice@midcosystems.comto schedule your upgrade today!

exacqVision 9.2 offers a host of new features that improve the user experience and overall system protection.



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Easy-to-use, easy-to-install. exacqVision has owned that mindset for decades, and version 9.2 continues driving forward with innovative features that let customers configure and customize the system exactly the way that works best for them while providing strong security features to protect against cyber-attacks.

This quarterly software update offers 5 big reasons to upgrade: 

  • Customization Helps Drive Better Situation Awareness
    • Enhanced video wall configuration
    • Push search results to other workstations
    • Custom icons for camera associations
    • Event monitoring support for inbound audio
    • Alarm for a camera not recording
  • User-Centered Enhancements Improve the Experience
    • Admins can require/allow users to change passwords
    • Improved login experience for access schedule restrictions
    • Support for non-complex passphrases
    • Add version number to system usage pane
  • A Better Web and Mobile Experience
    • Cybersecurity enhancements
    • Save bandwidth with inactivity timeout
    • Prevent the device from sleeping while a video is actively playing
  • ESM and exacqCloud Advances
    • Event alarm for camera not recording
    • Scheduled configuration backups
    • Test email in user's page
    • Intrusion integration health alarms
    • Enabled enhanced password security from ESM & exacqCloud
  • Additional 3rd Party Solution Support
    • Dahua H.265
    • Samsung multi-sensor cameras
    • ONVIF auxiliary commands


To read more about the features included in exacqVision 9.2, please read Exacq's Release Blog!  


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Version 9.2 is part of the exacqVision quarterly software release schedule and is available to all users with an up-to-date Software Subscription Agreement (SSA)*. 

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For those clients not currently covered by a current Software Subscription Agreement, please email insidesales@midcosystems.com to request a quote!


Exacq Technologies offers a convenient way of ensuring access to the newest features and product enhancements of every exacqVision release.

This latest release, compatible with all exacqVision Hybrid and IP video surveillance systems, incorporates new features and enhancements, and continues the quest for rapid, incremental updates.

Exacq Enterprise System Manager

With a newly available free trial license of Enterprise System Manager, you can be sure your exacqVision system is running reliably at all times. 


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Enterprise System Manager is a centralized health monitoring and software updating system available on a PC or mobile device. The latest release of ESM allows users to search and filter servers and events using keywords, server names, and date ranges, making it monitor server activity over a specific period of time.

Exercise the option to add Enterprise System Manager, a centralized health monitoring and software updating system available on a PC or mobile device. ESM allows users to: 

  • Maximize uptime of exacqVision recorders
  • Access health instantly from anywhere
  • Increase reliability with automatic failover
  • Create highly flexible e-mail notifications
  • Reduce software maintenance time
  • Monitor camera health


Take advantage of a newly available free trial license of Enterprise System Manager, and be sure your exacqVision system is running reliably at all times. Customers can now evaluate Enterprise System Manager (ESM) using a free trial license. The trial license expires after 45 days, but it can be extended with approval from sales.

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Click here to download your free trial. 

exacqCloud Health Monitoring

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Peace of Mind with Continuous Health Monitoring

Avoid the risk of realizing an important camera has been offline for a month, only when a highly visible incident requires video.

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exacqCloud provides you and MidCo real-time information on the health of your video surveillance system, so problems can be quickly and proactively addressed.

Health Monitoring by MidCo, So You Don't Have To

exacqCloud allows you and MidCo to continuously monitor critical video recording components such as:

  • Recorder uptime − Notification if the video server is powered down or removed from the network
  • Camera uptime − Notification if an analog or IP camera is disconnected or stops streaming video
  • Temperature warnings − Receive notification if the video recorder or cameras are operating at an excessive temperature
  • Recording requirements not met − Notification if the video is not being recorded for the required duration
  • Recorder hardware monitoring − Monitor the health of major individual components on all exacqVision video recorders

Faster, Lower Cost ServiceExacq Blue Cloud Icon

Why wait to self-discover a problem when MidCo can detect it and proactively and quickly schedule a repair?


Remote diagnostics reduce the need for time consuming and expensive diagnostic trips, and enable MidCo to dispatch a fully prepared technician much faster.   

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How Does It Work?

exacqCloud is high availability cloud service; MidCo will configure your on-premise exacqVision recorders to transmit surveillance system health events to the exacqCloud service. No special network configuration is usually required for exacqVision recorders to securely transmit event data out of your internet connection.

When MidCo observes a system health problem in the exacqCloud web interface or e-mail/text notification, MidCo Service Representatives will proactively contact you to determine what if any remediation action you would like to undertake, based upon your warranty or maintenance contract service terms. 

Contact MidCo today to learn more about leveraging exacqCloud health monitoring today.

FREE exacq Mobile App -OverviewExacq Mobile 2

Download the freely distributed Exacq Mobile app for iOS (Apple), AndroidKindle Fire and Windows Phone 8 devices.  

This video shows how easy it is to add cameras, arrange views, search for recorded video and utilize client-side de-warping on a mobile device. 

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Watch the video that demonstrates the features of Exacq Mobile, then download the Exacq Mobile application to your favorite mobile device and give it a try. 

The mobile application is pre-configured to connect with Exacq's demonstration servers for an easy and immediate use of Exacq Mobile.

Exacq Mobile PTZ Control 2016

Access Live & Recorded exacqVision Video With Your Mobile Device

  • View live and recorded video from multiple exacqVision systems simultaneously on your mobile device
  • Free download for any number of exacqVision users
  • Connect and view up to 48 surveillance cameras at one time
  • Stay connected with your office from anywhere at any time of dayExacq Mobile 2016

Simple PTZ & Digital PTZ Control

  • Control PTZ cameras with easy to use PTZ overlay graphics
  • Utilize client-side dewarping on fisheye IP cameras

Reduce Review Time & Conduct Video Security Investigations Faster

  • Push individual live cameras or an entire view of live cameras to another exacqVision user, public view monitor or Exacq mobile app
  • SpeedSearch enables scrubbing through video without downloading
  • Search multiple cameras simultaneously
  • View and respond to alarms or security events instantly

Exacq Mobile