Mitel Software Support Reminder

A Reminder to Renew Your Mitel Software

Mitel Software Assurance and Support is a vital part of ensuring the ongoing health and maximizing the business value of a Mitel Unified Communications investment.

  • Jul 14, 2016
  • Software Renewals

Mitel Logo 2015 with Tag LineA Reminder to Renew Your Mitel Software Assurance Coverage

Companies want to continually enhance the performance of their business and increase user productivity. 

At the same time, technologies are evolving to add even more value and integrate more tightly with the business. 

Contact Us ButtonThis means implementing the latest software versions to take advantage of new functionality. 

Companies expect their mission-critical business applications to function as intended and perform to their operational requirements. 

By making sure these solutions continue to work as intended, organizations protect both their investments and client relationships. 

By keeping these solutions current, organizations can take advantage of the latest feature capabilities to enhance communications and business processes to better serve clients.

Mitel Software Assurance Icon 2016Reduce risk and ensure operational excellence through access to software updates, and highly-skilled technical resources when they are needed.

Mitel Software Assurance and Support is a vital part of ensuring the ongoing health and maximizing the business value of a Mitel Unified Communications investment.


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Mitel Product Downloads:  

Mitel Software Assurance and Support Brochure


Mitel Repair Services Icon 2016Repair Services: Something not working? MidCo's convenient repair services are available for the repair of Mitel products.


Mitel Managed Services Icon 2016Managed Services: Proactively manage your voice solution and minimize downtime with Mitel Managed Services.



Mitel Customer Care Icon 2016Customer Care: Mitel service agreements are designed to save you time and money, and are available in a variety of packages designed to accommodate the different levels needed by each customer.


Mitel Performance Analytics Icon 2016Mitel Performance Analytics: Proactively manage the performance of Mitel networks, for better service quality.


Mitel TV ButtonAs a direct complement to Mitel warranty and regional service agreements, the Software Assurance & Support Program strengthens the value of investment in a Mitel Unified Communications Solution with a direct focus on generating financial, operational and strategic returns over the long-term.  

Life Cycle Cost Certainty: Long-term investment protection. 

Financial ROI - Reduce risk by ensuring life cycle cost certainty and investment protection for long-term supportability.  

Service Improvement: Gains in productivity and efficiency. 

Operational ROI - Generate service Improvements through company-wide productivity and efficiency gains.

Continued Unified Communications Evolution:

On-going access to the latest software releases.  

Strategic ROI - Ensure your business has a competitive edge with access to the latest software updates and new Unified Communications functionality.

Mitel Software Assurance Purchase Options

Mitel Future Proof BannerMitel Software Assurance and Support is a subscription service on Mitel software products that entitles access to:

  • Software updates for patches and fixes.
  • New software releases for enhanced functionality.
  • Mitel Technical Support resources, exclusively for Mitel-certified Technicians, which includes call-in, web ticket, and Mitel Knowledge Base support.

Standard Software Assurance and Support 

Mitel's core software support offering includes access to call-in technical support services during normal business hours (8x5), access to new software releases, updates, and online knowledge base.*

Premium Software Assurance and Support

Mitel's enhanced software support offering extending Standard Software Assurance and Support with 24/7 technical support coverage.* 

This offering also includes a Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) license entitlement. MPA is fault and performance management software that features secure remote access, 24x7 performance monitoring, and real-time alerts.

Subscription Terms 

One to five-year subscriptions can be purchased. Subscription dates can be aligned to your business needs - for example, with your budget cycles or your provider support agreements.

Point of Sale

A Software Assurance subscription is recommended to be purchased along with your new Mitel product. Specific products, such as MiVoice Business, MiCollab, and MiContact Center, require a minimum one-year subscription with a new product purchase. 

Upgrade MouseRe-Enlistment

If coverage has expired, there is the option to re-enlist in the program at any time to reinstate coverage and take advantage of new product features and releases. Re-enlist fees may apply.

For those clients currently covered under a maintenance contract, MidCo invites you to schedule your upgrade!* Click on the Upgrade Mouse to Schedule Your Upgrade Today!*

For those clients not currently covered, please email to request a quote!