IP Security Cameras, CCTV, and Digital/Network Video Recording

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) uses video cameras to transmit signals to a specific set of monitors for viewing. CCTV systems can operate continuously or as needed to monitor a particular event.

ip based camerasDo you need a fixed camera to always monitor a specific area? Do you need a pan-tilt-zoom camera to sweep an open area such as a parking lot? Do you need IP-based cameras to monitor several locations from one central facility?

From analog to digital to IP-based and megapixel cameras, MidCo can design a CCTV system to fit your specifications and requirements. Network CCTV systems are also available for building-wide surveillance needs.  MidCo features Arecont Surround Video 180 and 360 degree IP cameras for megapixel applications. 

Recording, storage, and preservation of video is accomplished through the use of digital video recorders (DVR) and network video recorders (NVR). The DVR or NVR is sized to fit the system application. The number of cameras, the amount of activity the cameras will record and the length of video retention all affect the choice of the DVR or NVR.

Surround Video IP Cameras

MidCo’s CCTV system expertise encompasses educational facilities, industrial sites, sports arenas and manufacturing plants. Let us design a system for you.

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