As an additional level of security, emergency call stations and intercom systemsEmergency Call can easily be integrated with MidCo’s best in class access control and CCTV systems.

These devices can be installed on a network, hardwired on a cable plant or work wirelessly where required. They can also operate as a stand-alone system if access control is not required.

intercom stationThese call stations are ideal for college campuses, large high school campuses, parking lots, shopping mall parking garages and medical facilities. A person in an emergency situation can press the call button on the emergency station and a get connected directly to the facility’s security department or the law enforcement authority in the area.



Emergency call stations and intercom systems offer our clients a wealth of benefits. They can:

  • Reduce your cost of security patrols in certain areas of your property
  • Reduce your liability risk
  • Increase your employee comfort and productivity
  • Increase your tourism at the city or village level
  • Increase your student participation in off-hour programsProduct Demonstration

MidCo’s Emergency Call Station and Intercom Business Partners include:

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Commend Stentofon
SSS Siedle

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