Wireless Access Points

AdTran bluesocket service diagram

The vWLAN® solution offers companies in education, healthcare, hospitality, government and retail an excellent solution for wireless that is completely scalable to future technologies.

Cutting edge management console:
Includes location and head maps, health summary, enhanced reporting, notifications, and summary of the overall RF environment.

Integrated security:
Tightly integrated security modules offer robust and scalable NAC, Guest Access, AAA and WIDS capability.

Additional security at the edge:
User roles are managed by the central control software but are enforced by the AP. The roles contain multiple attributes including service policies, VLAN/subnet assignment, bandwidth, and QoS. A single SSID can be used to support multiple roles.

Increased Capacity:
By forwarding data traffic directly to the access point, you free enormous capacity within the wireless controller.

Reduction in Controller Hardware:
The uniquely distributed architecture supports decisions at the edge of the network and manages them centrally.

Optimized Performance:
System capacity is no longer computed by the backplane capacity of the hardware-based controller; rather, it's determined by the aggregate throughput of the APs. 

Scalability to additional users and software without building out infrastructure:
Distributed architecture enables over a 10x increase in the total traffic

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