Applications & Peripherals

Enhance your business processes through additional IP applications and peripherals.

Call Accounting Software

The list of reports available through call accounting software is lengthy at best. Some of the reports include Measurement of your inbound/outbound call traffic by extension, department, division. Cost center assignment of departments and/or divisions to allocate expenses. Long distance call reports. 


    Voice Documentation & CollaborationOaisys

    Documentation appliances for voice conversations. Record, edit, collaborate and store phone conversations to comply with industry regulations. Decrease risk, protect liabilities and improve client relationships with the business technology that accurately captures a historical record of your conversations.

    Emergency Mass Notification Service

    Subscription services for mass notification of emergencies and announcements for all size organizations. Messages can be sent to any phone that the customer designates; phone calls, text messages, and email messages are sent to notify personnel of an emergency, a change in schedule, a snow day, a sporting event etc. 

    Sound and Paging Systems

    Whether it's a voice paging system throughout your complex or background music over the speakers, MidCo can design and install a customized paging system to meet the needs of your organization. We have installed large sound systems for stadiums, parks and religious facilities using the best in class technology. Offices, warehouses and outdoor storage areas all benefit from our expertise in this industry discipline.