Contact Center Solutions

Every organization has a customer contact center. Some consist of one person; some consist of hundreds of persons. Regardless of the size, you want your customer's contact with your company to be a rewarding experience.

Contact CenterVoIP-based systems can provide your contact center with a variety of tools to assist in your customer support efforts. In addition to phone calls, applications such as web chat and email are ways in which customers choose to communicate. And, what about voicemail messages? It is now possible to bring all of these business tools together on the IP network so that you and your customer can communicate by whatever method is appropriate at the time.

IP systems also allow for home-based contact center agents who can be full or part-time, in or out of the same time zone but still part of the same organization with access to the same resources as those who are physically in the office. Now when an employee needs to relocate, they don't need to terminate. They can remain Mitel 5360an integral member of your organization.

Monitoring and measuring performance is also available via web-based application modules. When is the peak calling time? Are there enough agents to handle the traffic? How many calls were abandoned? Supervisors and managers can access this information regardless of their location in or out of the office. MidCo has engineered many contact center installations. System programming for agent groups, overflow groups, contact center reporting package and end-user and supervisory training are all part of the contact center solution available through MidCo's VoIP systems.

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