Voice Messaging - Unified Communications

MidCo Inc. offers a powerful lineup of voice messaging products. From basic voice mail to the most complicated Unified Messaging applications, let MidCo assist you in unifying your communications.Interactive Demo

Unified Messaging provides one location – your computer - for you to check for all of your voice, email and fax messages.Whether you use Outlook through an Exchange Server, GroupWise or Lotus Notes, integration with your voice mail and fax mail can be easily accomplished via your network.

mobile workerIf you access your Unified Messaging mailbox via the telephone because you are frequently out of the office, not only can you hear your voicemail messages but you can have your email messages read to you via the optional Text to Speech module. Replies to those messages are in voicemail format.

Speech Recognition is the next mode of communication with your Unified Messaging platform. Speak the name of the person or the department you wish to reach and the system will transfer the call. No more menus to step through or digits to dial. Internal users can also maneuver the commands of their Unified Messaging mailbox through speech. 

And now, Video Mail provides the sender of the email an opportunity to present their message "in person" to the individual or group they are addressing.

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