VoIP (Voice Over IP) Systems

IP-based systems are transforming the way we do business. What IP communications solutions offer is a seamless way to communicate with everyone in your company regardless of their location.

The intelligence of the telephone system is placed on the network and thus creates a single system for the entire organization. Web-based applications provide a level of flexibility to allow for "instantaneous" growth by allowing users to "plug" into the network and begin working immediately.

Audio and video web conferencing is as easy as making a phone call. Collaboration tools allow users to work on projects together without leaving their desks or their office.  

TeleworkerMobile workers can conduct business more efficiently through "twinning" their desk phone and their cell phone to ring simultaneously. Calls can be answered wherever the user is within the company. Softphones on computers allow for handsfree conversations and desk-free work areas. Just access your network via the Internet and you won't miss a single communication with your customers and co-workers.

MidCo can provide your organization with a best in class VoIP system. Whether you need a system for a single site or need an enterprise solution, we have the products, services, and expertise to meet those requirements.


MidCo's VoIP System Business Partners include: Mitel 5340 IP Phone